The One with the Sun  LbNA # 51573

Placed DateNov 29 2009
LocationCypress, TX
Found By Campbellclan6
Last Found Jun 6 2010
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox is in the Little Cypress Creek Preserve at the intersection of Telge and Spring Cypress. From 290N, take the Telge Rd Exit and go north. The park is located at the second Spring Cypress and Telge intersection. There is no left turn signal so one option is to go past the intersection and make a U-turn. Then you can make a right turn into the park. BRING BUG SPRAY.


Take the "correct" path
and over the bridge you'll see,
around the bend and to your right,
a dead sling-shot tree.
The trail will seem lost,
but do not dread.
Simply look to the left a bit
The path continues up ahead.
This route is a long one,
but to keep you from getting lost,
I will describe many landmarks
which should be crossed.
Barnhill's benches will soon
be on your right.
Keep to the trail straight
forward in your sight.
Remain alert and
you'll spot the lonely oak,
which in the autumn
red berries will cloak.
A little farther
and the road will split.
The faint trail on the right
will not help a bit.
Continue on your quest until
you see a mound that is red.
A fainter path on the right
is the one you must tread.
Perhaps you've gone too far
and this path was not found.
A meadow not much farther
is your signal to turn around.
For those of you that
found the trail with success,
stick to the treeline for 50 paces,
more or less.
Peer to the left through the trees
a huge dead tree forms an arch
through the leaves.
As you make your way
through the woods beware.
The thorns will grab
at your clothes and hair.
In front of the arch
stands a tree of pine
and at its foot
a smaller dead tree you'll find.
Under this lifeless plant
a treasure lies covered.
The letterbox you've been searching for
has at last been discovered.