Potter's Bridge  LbNA # 5158

Placed DateAug 10 2003
LocationNoblesville, IN
Planted ByWeaver Family    
Found By KehresClan
Last Found Jul 7 2014
Hike Distance?

These letterboxex are located at Potter's Bridge park in Noblesville, IN. The park is just west of SR-37 on Allisonville Road.

*** The second box has gone missing as of 04/08/2008 ***

Note: The first letterbox was originally placed on 8/10/2003, and moved to a new location on 04/08/2005. A second letterbox, Signs of Spring, was also added on 04/08/2005. Signs of Spring was originally carved and hidden for the March Madness Letterbox Gathering held on March 12, 2005.

Potter's Bridge was built during 1870 and 1871 by well-known local contractor Josiah Durfee and his company. The same builder constructed the Hamilton County Sheriff's Residence and Jail on Courthouse Square in Noblesville.
In 1870 the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners gave Josiah Durfee the go ahead to construct the bridge at a cost of $13,000. It was built using the Type-3 Howe Truss style, a construction method patented in 1846. The Howe design used vertical iron rods to keep the structure in alignment.
The bridge spans 246 feet, is two lanes wide at 22 feet, and is 20 feet tall from the road bed to the roof top. Durfee built the bridge atop two stone abutments and a center stone pier.
The bridge was closed to motor vehicles in 1971 and was acquired by the Hamilton County Parks & Recreation Department the following year. In 1991 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1998 the parks department restore the bridge's glory and create a park complete with river trails, parking lot and restrooms. The total cost was around $900.000
It is the only covered bridge remaining in Hamilton County at its original site.
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Difficulty: 1 - Easy. In plain sight or can be found in a few minutes of searching.
Terrain: 1 - Suitable for small children. (Terrain is generally along marked trails, there are no steep elevation changes or heavy overgrowth. Less than a 2 mile round-trip hike required.)
Rated using the Letterbox Rating System (http://www.letterboxing.info/rating/key.php)


*** Both boxes are alive and well as of 09/30/2005 ***

Walk onto the bridge called 'Potter',
Look carefully into the water,
Take note of the way that the river is flowing,
'cause that is the direction that you will be going.

Go back the way that you came
if you want to continue this game.
Start off on the path in the direction you noted,
the same way that the traders of old would have floated.

When you get to the 1/2 mile sign, don't stop,
unless you feel like you're going to drop.
If you really need to you can take a rest,
then carry on to complete your quest.

At the 3/4 mile mark continue 12 paces,
Bring out your compass and put smiles on your faces.
Measure 140 degrees and head off the path,
7 paces more, you do the math.

You’re almost ready to find your first prize!
Look for a tree with two trunks of a medium size.
Right in the center is where you should peek
If the Potter’s Bridge letterbox is what you seek.

Return to the path to find box number two,
Retracing your steps is what you must do.
Head back to the sign at ½ mile
Enjoying the river view all the while.

When you arrive, you might feel plucky,
Keep going a number of paces that is unlucky.
To the right of the trail you will see
A tree with a hole, that’s the key.

Peak into the hole, watch out for a spider,
The box you seek is tucked inside there.
Your quest is done, you’ve had your fling
You have found the Signs of Spring.