Think  LbNA # 51610

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateNov 29 2009
CountySan Bernardino
LocationApple Valley, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Sep 23 2010
Hike Distance?

Compass required. Find your way to the Apple Valley Horsemen's Center, located three miles east of Central Road, on Hwy 18 (open daily 8AM to dusk). Enter the park, turning left inside the gate. Stay straight ahead passing flagpole and small payground, then park. Walk north up the short trail between the two hills, to the top of the saddle. Continue another 140 steps down and back up to where the trail drops off with a nice view of the desert beyond. Try to make out the face on the rock at 210 degrees about half way up the hill. While here you should also see an antenna at the top of the hill and to the right of the face, and a obelisk (tall narrow pyramid) shaped rock at about 20 degrees about 70 yards away. These land marks will be used later in the clue. Make you way to the front of the face on the rock (use extreme caution when climbing on rocks) and note the three letters to left of face.

Now while sitting on the large rock in front of a much smaller white rock that covers the letterbox the followwing landmarks, can be seen at these compass points.

At [A + B] degrees is the face rock,
At [C + D] degrees is the antenna on top of the hill, and
At [E] degrees is the obelisk rock.

Solve these math problems for the values of A, B, C, D, and E.

[A]______ A driver sets out on a 30-mile trip. When he has gone halfway he finds he has only averaged 25 mph. At what speed would he have to travel the rest of the way, to make his overall average speed for the trip, 45 mph?

[B]______ A dozen men arrive at a meeting, and each of them shakes hands once with each of the others. How many handshakes does that make?

[C]______ Peter picked 35 peppers more than Peyton and Pike picked 25 peppers more than Paxton. Peter and Peyton together picked 110 peppers more than Pike and Paxton picked together. Together Peter, Peyton, Pike and Paxton picked 600 peppers. How many peppers did Peter pick?

[D]______ What is the sum of 3 letters found next to face (A=1, B=2, etc)?

[E]______ A man died, leaving $240,000 for his widow, his 5 sons, and 4 daughters. Each daughter received an equal amount; each son received twice as much as a daughter, and the widow received three times as much as a son. How many thousand more did the females share over what the males shared.