I.R.A. Turkey  LbNA # 51613

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateNov 26 2009
LocationVanderpool, TX
Found By Boots Tex
Last Found Nov 29 2011
Hike Distance?

In the early days of the Texas republic, pioneer families began to move into the Vanderpool area, along the Sabinal River (what a great name for a river). One of these families settled in this valley, which later would become Lost Maples S.P. They built a home and lived on nuts and roots, while the father started his ranching business. He spent many of days wondering the hills looking for his lost cattle. The mother worked around the house and raised the children. Of these was one special child named Mable. Mable seems to have a gift from early childhood, though her mother warned her not to use it. She and the wild animals seemed to have a special bond, and would spend hours each day playing tag, and various other games in the forest. Of the wild animals, her favorites were a Turkey and a young bear she called Baby. The 3 of them loved each other, and were never seen apart in the woods. Soon the Civil War broke out, but though many soldier camps were built in the area, they family was spared from the outbreak of the war, and life stayed little changed. But when the war ended, the carpetbaggers moved in. One especially evil carpetbagger was IRA Boxer, and he chose this valley to work his devious profit making plan. Soon Mable noticed her animal friends were disappearing. She decided to have the Bear and Turkey spy on the outsider, IRA, and see what he was up to. The Bear followed IRA into the back country, and soon saw what he was doing. He had trapped cougars, eagles, bob cats, and many other animals, and had taken them to the main road to sell to another dark Bozo, that said he was going to start a Circus and travel the state. The Bear hurried off to tell Mable what he had seen. Meanwhile the Turkey, who was somewhat less bright than the Bear, wondered up the mountain, lured by a seductive sound. IRA had stolen Mable’s music box, which the Turkey loved, and had lured him to a trap. When the Bear found Mable, she was upset about losing her music box. After telling Mable about what IRA was doing, they determined that IRA must have taken the box to catch the Turkey (as the Bear had heard the circus was looking to Gobble up the competition). They set off to find the Turkey before it was too late. They started at the East Trail, a path her father had worn looking for the lost steers. They continued straight until reaching a lake on their left, then took the path uphill to the top. On top Mable sat on the bench to rest, but soon heard her music box playing. She found it hidden, and the bear opened the box to examine. There was a desperate note from the Turkey, and the Bear decided to leave his mark in case the Turkey returned. Now Mable and the Bear began searching the area for their friend. They took the path toward the “Prim Area B”, and continued until reaching a pole on their left. This pole must have been added by IRA as a way to communicate with that evil clown. From the pole the heard a gobble sound from the trees to the left. There they found 4 trees close together, with 3 rocks in the middle. Mable was too scared to look under the rocks, so they just hoped the Turkey was safe and headed home. Legend has it that the Turkey can still be found in this area, searching for Mable’s music box, and rejoicing that the evil IRA Boxer finally was killed by someone or some animal. As for Mable, she and the Bear moved to Cypress, Texas, and lived a long and wonderful life as best friends!!