Oh Crap, That was Today  LbNA # 51614

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateNov 27 2009
LocationLeakey, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Jul 8 2014
Hike Distance?

Distance: 1/2 mile
Difficulty: Moderate

The "Oh Crap, That was Today" letterbox is located in Garner S.P., near Crystal Cave. Get trail map to help. The park has tons of things to do, and plenty of LB's to find.

From Leakey, go south on Hwy 83 to FM 1050. Turn right, then a quick left into the park. Pay fee and drive to the Pavillion (south part of park) and park at pavillion.

To the Letterbox:
Take trail behind pavillion along river to the road. Walk along the road until the residence, then cross over and go onto trial with cedar arch at start. Take trail to Crystal cave. Go in and look around. When done, while facing the cave, go back right back down the trail you came one, counting 132 steps from the Crystal Cave sign. There should be a cedar tree just on the right edge of the trail, and the trail begins to decline here as flat rock. Look left up the hill and spot a a large cedar tree growing 2 directions, with a large rock wedged in it. Walk up the hill to this, and find the box behind that rock in its own rock house. Please rebuild this house.
**** Also, use black ink and you MUST puch hard on all points on the paper to make the stamp work (I do not like this medium).