Fort Martin Scott  LbNA # 51637

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateNov 28 2009
LocationFredericksburg, TX
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Last Found Dec 25 2013
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Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Minibox: 100 yards

Status of Minibox: Alive and Well

*** Old West Fort Series ***

The "Fort Martin Scott" Minibox is located at Fort Martin Scott Historical site, just east of Fredericksburg, Texas, on Barons Creek. Many of the fort buildings still stand, and interpretive signs are all over the fort grounds. Admission is free, and there is a gift shot at information building. Fort Martin Scott was established on December 5, 1848 on Baron's Creek, a tributary of the Pedernales River. It was estatblished to protect the Fredericksburg-San Antonio road by Captain Seth Eastman of the 1st U.S. Infantry. It was named in honor of Major Martin Scott of the 5th U.S. Infantry, killed on September 8, 1847 in the Battle of Molino del Rey. After April of 1853 the post was was only occupied by small garrisons, and serve mainly as a forage depot than a defense fort. It was evacuated by Federal troops at the beginning of the Civil Was, and held by the Confederates from 1861 -1865. It was permanently abandoned in December 1866.

From Fredericksburg, go east a few miles on Hwy 290 to fort location on the left. Pull in and park in lot.

To the Minibox:
From the entry, walk along the path with buildings to your left. At the 3rd building, find the large tree on the right hand side (Building E). Go to the right side and in back of the tree, and find box at base of tree next to building under a rock.