A Rare Catch  LbNA # 51648

OwnerJava Joe    
Placed DateNov 27 2009
LocationLynchburg, VA
Found By Coaster Monkeys
Last Found May 28 2011
Hike Distance?

Note: Walking distance to the letterbox is approximately 1 mile one way. The distance may be shortened by parking at the boat ramp and pickup up striper cove trail where it crosses the road that leads to the boat ramp. A trail map for Smith Mountain Lake State Park (available online or at the park) will be helpful when following the directions below.

Drive to Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Turn into the park, you will be on State Park Road

Continue on State Park Road past the entrance kiosk, office, and visitor center

Continue on State Park Road approximately 1 mile until you see a playground with swings and parking lot on your left. Park in the parking lot and enter the woods at the trail head near the playground. You will be walking down hill into the woods and towards the lake.

After going .1 (1/10) mile make a left on Striper Cove Trail (Marked with Gold). (When you come to Striper Cove Trail you will see a picnic shelter and picnic tables.) Walking along striper cove trail, the lake will be to the right and downhill and the road will be to the left and uphill.

About a half mile or so along the trail you will cross the paved road that leads down to the boat ramp.

When you enter the woods again you will see a sign that marks a path to the boat ramp going off to the right. Stay straight on striper cove trail.

At the next trail marker that you see turn right to stay on striper cove trail.

Approximately a quarter mile past the previously mentioned trail marker you will come to a section of the trail that is relatively flat. There will be pines on the uphill side of the trail and you will be able to see a field through the pines. Hardwoods will be on the downhill side of the trail. As you walk along this stretch of the trail you will see a large, flat, white rock on the uphill side of the trail near the field. When you see this Rock you may think that it is a piece of canvas or a white cloth lying in the woods. Sixteen paces past this white rock there is a tree on the left with a gold trail marker on it. We placed a small white rock at the base of this tree, but it may not still be there. Stop two paces before you come to this tree and look directly south (downhill and angling slightly ahead of you). At thirty paces in that direction you will see a hollow tree stump. The letterbox is inside the stump, covered with leaves.