Rattlesnake Dick  LbNA # 51674

Placed DateApr 7 2008
LocationLone Pine, CA
Found By 5wildhorses
Last Found Jun 10 2013
Hike Distance?

12/7/09 This box was originally placed in Old Sacramento for the Gold Rush Romp in 2005. I replanted it in its current location over a year ago and forgot I did so! This horse rustler and bandit from the gold rush should be happy in his new home, a gorgeous place where westerns have been filmed for almost a hundred years.

Take Whitney Portal Rd. to Movie Rd. and turn right. In a little over half a mile you will see a Welcome sign (in the shape of an inversed isosceles trapezoid). The top right corner of the sign points to the top of a pointy boulder--about 15' high. Carefully go to it; make your way around the right side to the back, then to the back of the second half. At the back, look to about shin height for a low eyebrow-shaped opening. Dick is hiding in this opening directly below an almost perfectly circular 5-6" crater on the rock face.

I know things like signs change, so I hope these directions still apply, and that Dick is just waiting to be discovered. Please put him back safely out of sight and let me know how your search went.