let the wild rumpus start!  LbNA # 51690

Placed DateDec 9 2009
CountySan Juan
LocationFarmington, NM
Found By(hidden)


This box was originally planted in the Farmington public library but we only had permission for a limited time. We are excited to get permission to replant this indoor box at one of our favorite establishments...you can shop, eat, letterbox, and get free wifi all at the same place.

To Find this box, go to Farmington New Mexico's old downtown main street and find a lovely place called Andrea Kristina's bookstore Kafé on the north side of the street. This box is up high on the bookshelf to the right of the cash register area, at the front of the store. It is in a metal box hiding in plain sight. It will be hard to be discreet when retrieving/returning it, so do your best. GOOD LUCK AND let the Wild Rumpus Start!

//FYI: Stamp is handcarved and oversized.//

**Special Thanks to - Andrea Kristina's ... remember the wifi is free but the rent isn't ... try a cup of tea or a smoothie or find a good book while your there.