Cub Scout Den 8; Pack 403 - North Boundary Park  LbNA # 51742 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCrnbry Crawling Crew    
Placed DateNov 15 2009
LocationCranberry Township, PA
Found By Brown Eyed Susan
Last Found Jul 16 2010
Hike Distance?

BOX MISSING!!! Will be redone someday....

Cub Scout Den 8/Pack 403 – Box 1 of 2

Directions: At the intersection of Route 19, North Boundary and Glen Eden Road, there is a traffic light and a 7/11. Turn onto North Boundary Road. Proceed about 1.2 miles and North Boundary Park will be on the right. Follow the signs to the Veteran’s Memorial & park in the closest lot.

Clue: Stand with your back to the Veteran’s rock facing west toward the woods (the red pole barn will be on your left). Turn to your left and walk toward the woods and dumpster. Pass the dumpsters -- staying to the right of them and walk straight to the edge of the forest.

Spot a large ½ fallen tree and below it an old split rail fence. From this point, turn downhill. Walk along edge of woods to grass/woodline at base of hill. Turn right. Walk (east) 40 paces. Turn left (north) and walk to the edge of the split rail fence.

Walk along the wood’s edge 15 paces following the split rail fence (on your left). Turn to your right (NW). Look on the ground for signs of a buried pipeline. Follow the ground ripple uphill ‘till you again come to the split rail fence.

Look for a fallen fence post. Your price is hidden underneath. Please re-hide well!