Cub Scout Den 8/Pack 403 – Box 2 of 2  LbNA # 51743 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCrnbry Crawling Crew    
Placed DateNov 15 2009
LocationCranberry Township, PA
Found By Brown Eyed Susan
Last Found Jul 16 2010
Hike Distance?

BOX MISSING!!! Will be redone someday....

Cub Scout Den 8/Pack 403 – Box 2 of 2

Directions: At the intersection of Route 19, North Boundary and Glen Eden Road, there is a traffic light and a 7/11. Turn onto North Boundary Road. Proceed about 1.2 miles and North Boundary Park will be on the right.

Start at the Penn Power Shelter. If you just finished our first box, this box is over hill- to the NW (can follow walking trail behind pool). Face SW and travel uphill.

Look for a row of birdhouses placed along the edge of the treeline. Go to the third birdhouse in from the right. Find a notch in the SE side of the post. Put your back to the notch. Keep the woodline to your right and walk 11 paces.

Follow the mowed "birdhouse" trail. Not counting the notched/starting birdhouse, go to the 7th birdhouse. There should be an old wooden phone pole to your right. Look for a tree with a "Y" in it. Take 7 paces toward this tree.

CAUTION: Be alert! Poison Ivy/thorns could be present in summer. We placed this box in late fall. So, if you see loads of PI, please drop an email so we can re-hide this box.

On the opposite/wooded side of the tree, look for a rusty metal fence. Your prize is hidden through the hole of this fence.