Tree Hugger  LbNA # 51758

Placed DateDec 22 2009
LocationGainesville, FL
Planted ByTennis101    
Found By The Gamecock
Last Found Jun 27 2010
Hike Distance?

To get to where the letterbox is located follow these directions:
Head West on University. Take a left on NW 23rd Street. You will see the Arboretum on your left. You can park your car by the black picket fence on the left.
Please wear jeans and tennis shoes because there are lots of plants and trees that will touch your legs!
To the box: Once you have gotten out of your car face the University Street. Walk up to the sidewalk. Once you are at the sidewalk take a right then you can get in the Arboretum. You will see an opening to the Arboretum on the right. Walk in. You will then see a trash can stand to the left side of it. Then take two side steps to your left. After that walk directly straight to the edge of the forest. If you look slight to your right you will see two trees that have fallen down one of the trees is covered with ivy. The two tree ends almost meet but there is a tree in the middle of them. Walk to the fallen trees. Once you have done that, look another slight right and you will see three trees. One of the trees is a palm tree. Walk there. In the back of the 3 trees you will see a lot of nooks. Look in the nooks. The letterbox is covered with a piece of tree bark. You have know found the letterbox!
Please make sure to re hide carefully!
Happy Hunting!