City of Victoria  LbNA # 51759

OwnerRogue Artist    
Placed DateDec 22 2009
Locationvictoria, TX
Found By The Boxhounds
Last Found Dec 27 2009
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Last EditedNov 28 2015

City of Victoria

Find the historical marker for De Leon Plaza. Look for the six flags that have flown over Texas. Under the 6 flags, you will find a large marble monument about the founding of the City of Victoria. On one of the three marble slabs, you will find the words "Victoria founded - October, 1824". Walk to the back of this slab, and stand with your back to the center post that is supporting this slab. Slightly to your left, you will see a multi-trunked tree. The "City of Victoria" can be found in a hole near the base, slightly above where the trunks meet.