Mallard Fillmore  LbNA # 5176

OwnerBig Cat Club    
Placed DateJul 19 2003
LocationPaint Creek State Park, Bainbridge, OH
Found By Big Cat Club
Last Found Nov 2 2011
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Title:Mallard Fillmore.
Placed by Salamander on 7-19-03.
Location: Paint Creek State Park, near Bainbridge, Highland County, Ohio.
Difficulty: Easy.

You will begin at the large parking area which is
below the spillway.

CLUES: Find the sign for the .5 mile Harmony Trail. Follow the trail along the creek and through the picnic area--
-you will be going in generally an east/southeast direction.(The trail is marked periodically with round blue metal disks with silver arrows on them). At the far end of the picnic area,the trail starts through the woods. From this point, start counting your paces as you proceed down the trail. At 28 paces you will arrive at another trail marker which is attached to a tree to the left of the trail. Stop
here and take a reading of 140 degrees. Go 4 paces at that heading. Mallard Fillmore is hiding under and between 2 small, moss-covered fallen logs.