A Victoria-n Christmas: Gingerbread  LbNA # 51760

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Placed DateDec 22 2009
Locationvictoria, TX
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A Victoria-n Christmas: Gingerbread

We came down to Victoria for Thanksgiving this year, and then again for an early holiday celebration in December. While we were down for Turkey Day, my sister showed me some places that she liked that she thought sounded suitable for letterboxes. So, while we packed all of the presents into the car for our December trip, I made sure to pack some of my carving supplies too. Since it is the holidays, I decided to carve a couple simple holiday themed stamps. Since I've been ooh-ing and aah-ing over the wonderful Victorian houses throughout the town, I decided that the ever so corny title of Victoria-n Christmas was most appropriate! :-P

To find my little gingerbread man, head to De Leon Park in the center of downtown Victoria. There's a lovely historical marker about this park that you'll want to read in order to learn some more about the fascinating history of this quaint town. From the historical marker, walk to the other side of the gazebo. Walk up the handicap ramp until right where the ramp begins to lift off of the ground. The gingerbread man is hidden under the ramp in a camo-ed pill bottle right where the ramp meets the ground, on the side closest to the gazebo. Use stealth, as this is the middle of downtown - I pretended to drop a pen in order to plant surreptitiously.