A Victoria-n Christmas: Candy Cane  LbNA # 51761 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateDec 22 2009
Locationvictoria, TX
Found By The Boxhounds
Last Found Dec 27 2009
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A Victoria-n Christmas: Candy Cane

We visit Victoria a couple times a year to see my sister. My sister showed me the downtown area while we were there for Thanksgiving, and so when we came down for an early Christmas, I carved a couple simple stamps to carve, and we planted them before we headed home.

Head to downtown Victoria, and find the intersection of Constitution and Bridge Streets. At the (northwest? - I couldn't find my compass) corner, you will find a historical marker about the wonderful old courthouse in front of you. From this marker, head down Constitution Street, along the side of the courthouse. Walk past the "Not a Public Entrance" sign, and find the large aloe vera (or some sort of similar) plant. Sit on the retaining wall right after this plant. The candy cane is hidden in the brushy bush that is immediately after the aloe vera plant. Use great stealth, as this is downtown and is well lit at night. Also, the county sheriff's office is just one block over, so you might want a cover story just in case! :-P