Fuller Farm  LbNA # 51780

OwnerBugatti Buddies    
Placed DateDec 20 2009
LocationScarborough, ME
Found By angel treads
Last Found Jul 17 2010
Hike Distance?

-Welcome to Fuller Farm, Scarborough!
-Beginning in the parking lot facing the fields, turn right and head toward the walking bridge that is near the road.
-After you cross the bridge, continue towards the woods. Even in the winter, there will probably be a trail as this is a popular walking area. You will also parallel the road for a short bit before you enter the woods.
-Turn slightly to the left, on the trail, and enter the woods.
-At the "T" in the trail, turn left. You'll immediately see a trail marker on a tree on your left.
-Just after the second trail marker, you should notice a large area of evergreens on the right. There's also a tree with three trunks just off the trail on the right.
-If there isn't too much snow, you should see a large rock to the right of the tree.
-The Bugatti Buddies Letterbox is on the far side of the rock tucked underneath it. Hopefully it can still be found in the winter!