Iwo Jima Monument  LbNA # 51782 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateDec 25 2009
LocationHarlingen, TX
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Last Found Apr 19 2011
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Iwo Jima Monument

The original plaster working model of the Iwo Jima statue currently stands in Harlingen, Texas at the Marine Military Academy, a private Marine Corps-inspired youth military academy.
The island of Iwo Jima is halfway between Guam and Japan, and translates to "Sulfer Island" in English.
The memorial is dedicated to all personnel of the United States Marine Corps who have died in the defense of their country since 1775. The design of the massive sculpture by Felix de Weldon was based on the iconic photo Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, taken during the Battle of Iwo Jima by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal, who won a pulitzer prize for the photo.
The memorial features the Marines and Sailor who raised the second flag over Iwo Jima: Sgt Michael Strank, Cpl Harlon Block, PFC Franklin Sousley, PFC Rene Gagnon, PFC Ira Hayes, PM2 John Bradley.
The statue stands 105 feet tall at the top of the flag pole. The 10 feet tall base is made from Brazilian Granite. The steel flag pole is 78 feet long and has a 12' by 19' flag that flies 24 hours a day and is lit at night.
It took 7 1/2 years to make the plaster statue and another 2 1/2 years to make the bronze monument at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The plaster original was shipped from Rhode Island on 10 flat bed trucks with all 107 pieces of the monument on it. It took all summer to reassemble the plaster statue where it stands in Harlingen now.

Drive to the monument in Harlingen and park. Walk up the sidewalk to the monument. Find the short concrete kiosk with the purple heart and says "Lest We Forget" at 290 degrees, take 19 steps . You should be standing next to a bush. On the monument is says Philippine Insurrection and one of the marines is looking right at the box. Its in the bushes close to the sidewalk in a camo box. Please be discreet, this can be a very busy place at times. There is a bench near by you can stamp in at. Replace well hidden.