The Hot One  LbNA # 51822 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBoots Tex    
Placed DateDec 29 2009
LocationBurnet, TX
Found By PI Joe
Last Found Dec 23 2011
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In 1955, Chevrolet's "Hot One" burst on the scene with a flurry of fins and chrome. The stodgy automotive company had created an innovative series of cars highlighted by an all-new, optional V8 engine. The rest is history. The í55 was an instant classic. Automotive writers at the time criticized the cars' "egg crate" chrome grille as outlandish and hard to clean, but today it is heralded as a design masterpiece. But no one ever had a bad word for the ferocious small-block V8 at the heart of this classic Chevy. More than 40 years later that engine has powered millions of racecars, boats, generators, fork lifts and, or course, Chevrolets. It's no wonder Chevy ads shouted "Don't mess with this baby!" and ďItís the Hot One!Ē

Directions: The letterbox is located at an historic depression-era roadside park on Highway 29 about 6 miles west of Burnet, Texas, near Lake Buchanan. Driving west from Burnet, the roadside park will be on your right. It is set among a large outcropping of pink granite boulders. There is only one picnic table, so if you see a car parked there, Iíd advise driving on by and trying later. This is an interesting and potentially lovely spot, but like many roadside parks, itís a little neglected and those who stop here donít necessarily clean up after themselves, so be aware of that. The rocks literally jut straight up from the ground and are huge, so this isnít a good place for kids to play, but itís great for snakes and critters, so just be careful and use the normal precautions.

To the box: From the round concrete picnic table, carefully go clockwise around the rocks to a double-trunk oak tree growing amongst them. The box is at the base of the farthest tree trunk nestled in rocks with a rock on top.