The Mansion at Bethlehem  LbNA # 51845

OwnerWhispering Eye    
Placed DateJan 1 2010
LocationMemphis, TN
Found By mamasama
Last Found Aug 31 2013
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Bethlehem Cemetery is located just outside of Memphis, TN close to the Mississippi state line. It is on Holmes Road right off of Lamar Ave/US 78.

Find the 2 headstones that hold the same last name of our 7th president. Right behind those is a magnolia tree. Go to the backside of that tree and look straight ahead towards the wooded area. You will see a large tree whose trunk looks like it was weaved together. It is about 20 paces straight behind the magnolia tree. (We found it was easier to go to the left and curve around to the tree than to walk straight back to it because of the vegetation.) Once you get close to the woven tree you will see a small rusted wire fence along the bottom of the tree. Right above the fence, on the right side of the tree you will find The Mansion of Bethlehem tucked into a hole in the trunk.