Dragonfire  LbNA # 51873

Placed DateJan 1 2010
LocationPhil Hardberger Park (at the Greenbelt), San Antonio, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Apr 3 2010
Hike Distance?

Dragon fire is back! We planted this box in 2010 - it got waterlogged back when it used to rain - we finally repaired and re-planted it on 9/1/2012!

Salado Creek Greenway- (some may know it as Voelker Park, as it was part of the old Voelker family ranch) - Also called the Greenbelt, it is attached to the Phil Hardberger Park off Blanco Rd. The Greenbelt begins just past the little dirt parking lot that is nestled inside the Greenbelt area. It is an awesome 2 mile paved walking/biking trail with several off-road hiking/biking dirt trails. The entrance to the greenway is located off Blanco rd. in NE San Antonio.

If you are heading North on Blanco Rd., turn left at the light at Longfield Rd. and then take a quick left on Old Blanco Rd. The Road dead ends and turns right into the Salado Creek Greenway entrance.

Start at the beginning of the walking/biking trail and head down the trail. You'll soon come to a bridge over the creek.

On the other side of the bridge go right on the first dirt trail.

Take 35 paces to the large man hole cover.

From there continue down the path 70 paces where you will see a "Y" in the trail.

Take the trail to the left and go 18 paces to the next intersection in the trail. You will be at the back corner of a wood/wire fence.

Turn left and go 112 paces and you will see part of a fallen dead tree on the ground to the right.

Continue on down the path another 125-130 paces. You will see a rocky opening in the path to the left. Turn left and go 8 paces to the large fallen tree trunk base with the roots sticking out.

Letterbox will be under the pile of stones within the trunk.

Please rehide and cover up the box with stones when you are done. Happy hiking!