Wind and Stone  LbNA # 51886

Placed DateJul 15 2009
LocationSimsbury, CT
Planted Bycon    
Found By Bell Lady
Last Found Jul 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Placed by Debbie and Connie

Park just south of 567 Firetown Road on east side of road in a small parking area. Proceed to 567 Firetown Rd. and turn down the driveway. Follow the trail on your right. If you need to tie your shoelaces, a seat has been provided by Deborah Eddy. Look for a turn in the trail. Go past two fern glens. There will be a small outcropping of rocks on the right, then a dry rill. Farther up will be a large outcropping of rocks on the left. In a while you should notice a large single rock (approximately 4ft. long and 2 ft. tall) abut 17 paces off the path. Spy a fat bottomed tree in the vicinity. Now you’re on your own!!!