Angelo Visits Angelo!  LbNA # 51893

OwnerTrekkin' and Birdin'    
Placed DateDec 5 2009
LocationAngelo, WI
Found By (hidden)
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Celebrate the arrival of our first grandchild Angelo as he visits the LaCrosse Fishery Area near the town of Angelo to help place this letterbox hybrid!

Late this past August, Trekkin' and Birdin' became grandparents to Angelo, born to our son and his girlfriend. What better way to introduce him to letterboxers and geocachers than by placing a letterbox hybrid with his actual handprint as the image?

Start at the parking lot reached at the end of the entry road just east of the town of Angelo, past the Angelo Pond, off Highway 21, in the LaCrosse River Fishery area. You will start your search from there by following these simple orienteering steps.

Walk along the trail leading to the river from the parking lot.

At the first Y in the trail, take the left fork.

Continue on this path until you reach another Y, just before an eight foot pine tree overlooking the bend in the river. Turn away from the river on this left fork.

Follow this game trail into the woods approximately 170 feet or roughly 60 paces southwest.

Watch for a prostrate giant as you push through the thorns. What you seek is underneath it, in a small camo-taped tupperware container. It will be more difficult to find under snow.

If you are also a geocacher, you may log this on the geocaching website, GC21R2H. You won't find the exact location with your GPSr, however, as the listing is just like this one! Enjoy!