Curse of the FTF!  LbNA # 51894

OwnerTrekkin' and Birdin'    
Placed DateDec 12 2009
LocationBrownsville, MN
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

We are also geocachers, and in the world of geocaching, being the First to Find a new placement can be a bit of a race among some. This cache was placed so that all who seek it can claim it as a FTF, as long as they're creative. FTF in 2010. FTF during a full moon. You get the idea....

Travel south of Brownsville Minnesota on Highway 26, past the big new viewing platform overlooking the Mississippi River. South of Shellhorn Drive, which heads away from the river to the west, you will watch for the second of two gates leading into the Reno Unit of the Richard Dorer Forest. (Obviously for those traveling from the south, it will be the first gate). If not plowed, you can pull off safely along the highway and enter on foot; otherwise, parking is available in front of the gate. From here, follow the trail that travels somewhat southwesterly for about .25 miles as the crow flies.

You will cross a small ravine about .25 miles from your starting point.

Continue another 125 feet until you reach an unmarked trail that turns sharply uphill to your left.

Follow this trail approximately 200 feet, near the crest of this hill. At this point, you should be able to look back down toward the main trail below, seeing a large tree that forms a Y.

The cache is in the direction of this tree, to your left, about 8 feet off your trail.

It is not in a spot as winter friendly as we would have liked, but it was hidden after the big blizzard of December 09, and the beacon should still be apparent under snow. Go to the opposite side of a large fallen tree. Look in an open crevice parallel with the ground. There you will find a small, camo-taped container with log book and stamp.

If you are also a geocacher, you may log this on the geocaching website under GC21Z36. The cache has room for small trade items and geocoins. Have fun!