The Nater  LbNA # 51896 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 3 2010
LocationDarby, MT
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Hike Distance?

Drive to the boat ramp at Lake Como. Once you have found a parking spot, look for a large sign with posting on it. (Such as: noxious weeds, pet rules, etc) Stand to the left of the sign (your left) and face left. Take approx 46 steps straight ahead. Face left again and take 8 steps. This should bring you close to a tree shaped like a backwards "J," this is what you are looking for. Under a large rock, at its base is the crevice, Nater is hidden. A small rock covers the hole.

**UPDATED: 5/20/13. We no longer live in Montana, and cannot confirm that boxes are missing. This was marked as attempted, but could still be there. When we get up there next we will check, but for now it is unknown.**