REST IN PEACE #1  LbNA # 5193

OwnerBusy Bee    
Placed DateAug 8 2003
LocationSkidmore, TX
Found By Yertle
Last Found Mar 15 2016
Hike Distance?

STATUE 6/01/08 - Refurbished and returned.

STATUS 5/23/08 - Temporarily removed for refurbishing. Will be replaced very soon.

(#1 of the cemetery series). On Highway 181 just north of Skidmore, about 1 mile, is Evergreen Cemetery. Just north of the tower, take the first crossover in. Near the southernmost back corner of the cemetery is a small oak tree, right by the fence. There is quite a bit of tall weeds and bushiness along the fence line. Go over to the tree, and looking down you will see a piece of broken flat paving. Lift carefully and underneath you will find number one in the series of cemetery stamp letterboxes.

Replaced with new log book, and better water resistance on June 28, 2004.