Heart of the Earth  LbNA # 51963

Placed DateJan 9 2010
CountyLos Angeles
LocationStudio City, CA
Planted ByQT24/7    
Found By AandB
Last Found Jun 5 2011
Hike Distance?

Park on the street at the top of Dona Maria where it meets Fryman Ave.On foot, proceed past the yellow gate and begin your journey on the asphalt fire road. Follow this road to the left and it will become a dirt trail. You will pass 4 gas company caution signs on your right. At the fourth sign, look ahead and you will see three large pine trees on the left side of the trail.Count about 40 paces after the fourth sign and you will come to the first of those pine trees. Across from it on the right side of he trail is a single, solitary, skinny tree that looks like it has either been burned or died. Near the base of this withered tree is a fallen log. You will find this letter box next to the log under two rocks. Take a rose petal from the box and be "one" with the Heart of the Earth. Replace the box as you found it.