Saint Albans  LbNA # 51996

Placed DateJan 8 2010
LocationBovina, MS
Found By jb kokopelli
Last Found May 27 2012
Hike Distance?

In Mississippi, take I-20 to the Bovina exit (Exit 11). Turn south and follow Tiffentown road until it ends.

Turn left, crossing the railroad tracks. At the next stop sign turn right and go 0.2 mile to the church on the right.

Park in the circle under the cedar trees.

Walk towards the middle door. The section of the building with the large windows is the bricked over wooden structure erected in the 1870's to replace the brick building from 1858 which was desecrated and destroyed during the Civil War. The corner stone from the original building is to your left as you approach the middle door. The damage to this cornerstone was from soldiers using it for target practice during the Civil War.

Follow the sidewalk to your right along the 1928 church which is used today and enter the cemetery. Graves in the cemetery are dated from 1854 to the present.

Walk through the cemetery past the two large oak trees on the north side of the cemetery. Towards the east end of the cemetery you will see a cedar tree with the stump of another, larger cedar tree under its branches.

The box is hidden on the west side of the stump under a log and leaves. (The paved road is on the south side of the church.)