Biker Teddy  LbNA # 52001

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateDec 23 2009
LocationTexarkana, TX
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Biker Teddy donned his leathers and left Elko, Nevada on his H.O.G. Hitting the big slab and canning it, he was able to avoid the cherry tops with their fast riding awards. He slabbed it on 30 to Texarkana, Texas, and then carved on to FM 559 north. He wheelied right on Scott Wright Rd., ending up at Bringle Lake. The sign said beware of alligators, so he steered clear of that, and put a blackie where the cagers park, near the pavillions and playground.

He took the biggest main nature trail, which was also nearest the water. When he came to a “Y “ in the trail, he took the path straight ahead. At the “T” in the trail, there is a clump of 3 trees/multi-trunk on the left part of the T. Around behind and tucked in between the right thin and large truck, you might catch Biker Teddy before he takes off on the super slab.

BE SURE TO ZIP ALL BAGS CLOSED. Please be discreet. The trails are very popular for dog walkers and others. Be sure to cover him well with leaves before you leave.

Biker Teddy says: “Keep the dirty side down and the shiny side up!”