A Little Slice Of Summer  LbNA # 52014 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDawns Glory    
Placed DateJan 10 2010
LocationAustin, TX
Found By Celtic Fling
Last Found Feb 20 2011
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A Little Slice Of Summer

This stamp was created for my 6 year old daughter who misses this part of her summer, and misses playing in the water near where we are leaving her little slice of summer.

Go to Zilker Park in Austin. Find the stone steps that lead down to the river beyond the end of the Barton Springs Pool, the steps are behind the playground. Take the left set down 4 steps. There is a 3 trunked tree growing next to the corner of the stone wall. Nestled inbetween the wall and the tree trunk under a few stones and leaves lays a little slice of summer. The box bearly fits so please take your time and rehide it back in the nitch well and recover with the stones because this is a very high traffic area during most of the year.