The Zoo Series  LbNA # 52038

Ownertat2bob and kimberly    
Placed DateJan 19 2010
LocationBristol, WI
Found By speech teacher
Last Found Oct 19 2013
Hike Distance?

Welcome to the Bristol county zoo. Starting on the trail in the back of the retneC erutaN elgnirP, take the yellow path then turn right on the red. You'll know your on the right path if you see #20. Keep going until you find 3 large stumps at a T intersection. Turning left over the creek then up the hill there will be a large tree at the top and in the back you will find some Koi Fish.

Now keep going down the trail until you find #15. From this post look north to a big tree along the fence line and from that tree go 10 steps at 270 degrees to a 7 trunk tree along the fence line. In the middle you will find an Ardvark.

Follow the trail as it turns to the right and then just before it makes a sharp left and starts downhill look to the right to a big v tree and in the back of this tree there is the Wisconsin tree Penquins (very rare, only one ever in captivity)

Now go down the hill and back up to where the red trail meets the green trail. Notice that bench just off to the left, have a seat but be careful you don't know who's watching ......whats that at 280 degrees? Behind the smaller of the two stumps, it's elly the 3 eyed Elephant watching you.

Now head south on the green trail and just before the red trail again there is a big tree with a knot like growth marking the left side of the trail. From that tree go 90 degrees to the 6ft stump to find the Otter. There is a log just behind it and another bench just ahead where the red and green trail meet that is good for stamping.

Now from that bench turn left down the red trail past #14 over the creek and just before you find the yellow trail on the right side there will be a fallen tree with the first branch from the trunk standing straight up. Look at the base of that branch for a Meerkat hole. Don't forget to say hello to the Bristol Princess while you are here, she would love to meet you. Then follow the yellow trail back to the nature center.