Jennie Lane  LbNA # 52063 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateJan 22 2010
LocationManor, TX
Found By PI Joe
Last Found Jan 24 2010
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Jennie Lane

On May 9, 1921, the surviving children of Addison E. and Mary Jane “Jennie” Eppright Lane deeded Block 77 to be used “exclusively as a public park for the people of the City of Manor and … be called Jennie Lane Park.” Jennie was born on the hill just south of the present football field on June 6, 1848 to David and Mary Ann Smelser Eppright who were among the first settlers in this area. She married Addison E. Lane (1837-1914) a blacksmith, on November 21, 1866. They had nine children. Jennie died on April 6, 1936 and is buried in the Manor cemetery.

The A.E. Lane subdivision on which the Mustang water tank now stands, was the first subdivision ever added to Manor when it was taken into the city in 1912. There was not another new subdivision in Manor for almost eighty years.

Over the years, the Manor Lions Club constructed the pavilion and restrooms in the park. A wooden gazebo used during the filming of the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” was moved to the park in 1994 and when it deteriorated, was replaced with the metal gazebo through the efforts of Curtis Griffin and the Coupland State Bank in 2001.

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The City of Manor was the first government agency in the United States to deploy a QR Code program to disseminate information to residents and tourists. There are currently 24 fixed mounted QR Code signs placed throughout Manor on various city landmarks and structures.

Find your self at Jennie Lane Park in Manor. It is one city block off N. Lexington St. (otherwise known as loop 212) At the Northwest Corner of the park (E. Rector St. and N. Lexington St) Under the QR Code sign for this park, in the bush covered in tall grass and a few rocks. This is a very open area and lots of traffic passes but you can park feet from the box and sit in your car to stamp in if you wish.