Fuller Park Series  LbNA # 52083 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 24 2010
LocationAthens, TX
Found By angelhorse
Last Found Apr 21 2014
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Last EditedNov 26 2015

Fuller Park Series

There are many mysteries that surround Fuller Park.
Medford Lee Fuller erected the park in 1938 after the death of his wife Virginia Fuller. Medford Lee Fuller was
believed to have been the Pastor of The First Baptist Church in Athens for 25 yrs. Nobody is sure why Medford
Fuller purchased this land or what his intentions for this land were. Surrounding the 20 acres is a stone fence
of Iron ore. It is rumored that Medford Fuller had a monkey cage built on the property and that he may have
been planning a zoo. Fuller Park is said to house one of the five entrances to the underground network of
tunnels that reside under the city of Athens, Texas. Rumors regarding Fuller Park are in great abundance. To
learn more just google it.

To the Letterboxes!
Directions: From the courthouse on the square in Athens, Tx. travel south down Hwy. 19 also called Palestine
Rd. for approximately 2.5 miles to Gibson Rd. Turn Left on Gibson Rd. Fuller Park will soon be visible on your
right. Drive to the corner of Gibson and Robbins Rd. Here you will find the main gate into Fuller Park.

Clue to #1 "The Gate": while facing the gate you will see two Pillars of iron ore that hold the gate in place.
Upon one of the pillars is a pentagon. Cast your eyes down and to the right, from the bottom right
corner of the pentagon. Behind the fence of iron and in front of the iron ore wall, beneath a small rock lies
"The Gate".

"The Chain That Binds"
Midway along the stone fence on Gibson Rd. is a secondary gate. You can park here or at the center for
preforming arts and walk back to the gate. Travel down the dirt road till you reach the graves of Medford and
Virginia Fuller. Sit on the cement bench and look at how fortified this grave site is, With it's huge iron
chain running through each pillar of iron ore. You might wonder, since Mr. Fuller fortified this grave site one
year after his wife was buried there...who was he trying to keep in there? or what was he trying to keep out? I
would love to hear your theory about this site.

Clue to #2 "The Chain That Binds":
Find where the chain ends and also begins. Beneath this union lies "The Chain That Binds" with a clue to a
bonus box
#3 "The Monkey Cage". To find the bonus box you will need to be dressed appropriate for walking in woods with stickers and thorns. It's worth the effort.

***This bonus box is best sought after during the winter, late fall or early spring before green growth and poison ivy consume the park.

Please hide all the boxes in the original spot like you found them.