Musician Series: Free Bird  LbNA # 52106

Placed DateJan 28 2010
LocationPortland, OR
Found By Iron Blosam
Last Found Nov 14 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 4 2015

Part of the Musician Series in Forest Park. Trailhead for Leif Erikson is located on Germantown Road. From the parking lot, Leif Erikson starts at MP 11 and counts backwards to 1, ending (or beginning?) at Thurston Street (?) in Portland. If you don't see MP 11 very soon, you might be on Wildwood Trail--there is also a parking area for this trailhead on Germantown Road.

1. How did the band come up with the name Lynyrd Skynyrd?
It was a funny nickname bestowed upon Larry Justrom by his brother. (8.42)
It was a play on the name of band members' Phys Ed teacher in high school. (9.22)
It was the result of combining the names of two of the band members. (10.42)
It was the nickname of the rail-thin actor who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek. (10.63)

2. Whose show did Will Ferrell and company performed "Free Bird" on during his last night hosting late-night television?
David Letterman (north)
Johnny Carson (south)
Conan O'Brien (descending)
Jay Leno (ascending)

3. In the history of Skynyrd how many band members have died?
None of them (fallen log)
Five (maple tree)
Three (tall snag)
Seven (dirt trail)

4. What state did the band come together in?
Florida (north)
Texas (south)
California (left)
Oklahoma (right)

5. How many women have held the title 'Honkette' with the band?
3 (uphill)
4 (downhill)
5 (down, over, and down again)
6 (down and then up)

6. How many times was the band nominated for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame before finally being inducted in 2006?
4 (dense stand of ferns at 28 steps)
5 (center of the group of three ponderosas at 18 steps)
6 (crotch of 3:1 maple on the left at 60 steps)
7 (crotch of 3:1 maple on the right at 77 steps)

CLUE: Start at (1). Take fifty steps (2) and see the (3) on the (4) side of the main trail. Go (5) and proceed until you see (6), another 13 steps away.