She Sell Sea Shells  LbNA # 52117

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Placed DateJan 30 2010
LocationBrookings, OR
Found Bygoldenoldie
Last UpdateJan 29 2015


Long ago, where Highway 101 now runs through the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, along the Oregon Coast, lived a young maiden who made her living selling and trading beautiful shells. Today, a single shell still remains at her favorite place to watch the sea. If you follow the clues you just might find it and enjoy the amazing view she loved so much.

About 10 miles north of Brookings turn at the Arch Rock Picnic Area. Follow the signs (to the left of the restrooms) to the Arch Rock View Point past the picnic tables to the first bench “In memory of Joel Van Meter Berreman and Sevilla Ricks Berreman”. On the right side of the path is a fallen tree. You will find what you are seeking near the end of the tree closest to the bench, directly in line with Arch Rock, under a small log tucked into the fallen tree. Please secure the box and return it to its hiding place.