Mill Box  LbNA # 52127

OwnerHeritage Park    
Placed DateJan 31 2010
LocationAllentown, NJ
Found By Arf!
Last Found Sep 15 2012
Hike Distance?

Mill Box
Enter from behind the Old Mill located on South Main Street.
Take the trail through the Bamboo Forest just to the left of the little grayish house behind the Mill. Enter the Bamboo trail then take your first LEFT and walk towards the stream. Once you come to the end make a RIGHT and follow along the stream. Then take a LEFT at the 1st Fork you come to.
Stay along the stream's edge and take a seat on the bench to relax a few minutes.
Pass over the 3 bridges as you continue on your way.WATCH your step some boards are missing.
Take a LEFT at your next Fork in the trail.
Follow the snake-like trail and walk over 2 more bridges.
At the next Fork in the trail make a RIGHT.
Pass by a large cut up tree that had fallen across the path and head up the hill. ITS hard to see with all teh plant growth.
Pass the nice view on your left and continue along the trail for roughly forty more paces.
Now start looking to your left down the hill for the Mill box. IT will be hard to see with all the summer plant growth.
The MILL BOX will be behind the tree stump that has a mouse hole in it. (Watch for snakes and broken glass and alot of thorny brush!!!)Use your hiking stick to clear the area before reaching for the letterbox.
IF you came to another fork you have gone too far…
Have Fun - Placed by Den 7 Pack 180