OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateJan 9 2010
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By The Snokes
Last Found Apr 18 2010
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Burr Oak State Park.
Burr Oak State Park is over 3000 acres of wooded hills and hollows, located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in southeast Ohio. It is approx. 15 mi. SW of McConnelsville and 4 mi. NE of Glouster. http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/parks/burroak/tabid/719/Default.aspx


This series is located on the Lodge and Cabins side of the Park. Take SR 78 west from McConnelsville or SR 78 east from Glouster to the entrance of Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Cabins. Come down the road to the T-intersection. Straight ahead of you is the Park Office building and parking area. Pull in here and park.

Difficulty: Fairly easy in dry weather, but the path does get a bit narrow in one spot and goes along a steep hill side. Use caution in wet weather and with leaves on the path. Also the first and last part of the trail can be very muddy and wet under certain environmental conditions.

Distance: ~ 1/2 mile round trip from parked car.

Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

As you get out of your car, stand facing the front of the Park Office and then look over to your right, across the road. You will notice two brown signs, and between them is a grey metal “post” with a green paint mark on it. Head over to this post to start your hunt for some FLYING WONDERS.
The trail slopes downhill and you will cross three little “runs” or washes. This area can be quite wet and muddy. The green paint will soon give way to green ribbons and then back to green paint marks. Continue on out the trail till it makes a right turn and starts up a slight grade. You will see a “knobby knee” tree on your right. From "Mr. Knobby Knee”, look up ahead on the trail and you will see 2-2’s that are one. Go there and face the 2-2’s that are one and slowly turn to your left till you see Broken Death.(About 22 feet off the trail). On the backside of this sight you will find FLYING WONDER #1 hiding. Be careful that none of these wonders, or anything else, are watching you as you find, stamp and replace this box.
After you are done, go back to the trail and continue on and soon the trail will make a sharp left turn(there are two green marks on the tree to the right) As you continue on you will cross over a little wash and then you will come to the edge of the “Grand Canyon”. The trail bends right and runs parallel with the “Grand Canyon”. Careful along this section, as the trail is narrow and can be slippery. Continue till you come to a very tall, “horizontal” tree, the top of which almost crosses the trail. The trail looks like it continues on along the edge of the “Grand Canyon” but actually it turns right and goes uphill. But to find the next box you want to continue along the edge, to the” shell of a giant”. At the inside, back, of the giant, behind a rock, you will find FLYING WONDER #2. Again, be careful you are not seen as you retrieve the box and do your stamping and replace this WONDER.
Now, to find the last FLYING WONDER, go back to the trail and head on uphill. You will “pass thru” 9 trees on the ground(careful!1 and 5 are disjointed and may be hard to notice). After passing thru #8 the trail turns right. Just before you get to #9, look over to your right to see the perfect letterbox hiding spot. Go to this spot and get your compass out. Take a heading of about 65* and you should see a 2 that is 1, with a large hairy “tree snake” climbing up one of the two. Go there. At the base you will see a splintered hollow trunk. FLYING WONDER #3 is hiding in one of the hollow sections. You are close to the road here so be careful as you find, stamp and re-hide this box.
After you are finished stamping continue on down the trail and out and back to your car.
Remember there are other letterboxes thru out the area and park. Have a good time. Let me you how you find the boxes.