Catalina State Park  LbNA # 52132

Placed DateFeb 2 2010
LocationOro Valley, AZ
Planted ByTyler Blu Gunderson    
Found By Waneta Wench
Last Found Jan 27 2020
Hike Distance?

(There is a park entrance fee)

Nature Trail Letterbox

From trailhead, take Nature Trail Loop clockwise. With an overlooking Saguaro in the distance, continue to bench in 'Memory of Sarah Myer Monson'. Facing West, walk approx. 25 steps to a boulder draped by a Palo Verde. Watching out for critters, find Letterbox at base and behind boulder...

Axle Shaft Letterbox ( Formally Birding Trail Letterbox)

From trailhead, cross CDO wash. Proceed towards 'Birding Trail". Go counter clock wise on birding trail until coming upon bench "...wishing all to enjoy the beauty of the day". From Bench, hike approx .18 miles SW on trail towards Pusch Peak. Coming upon a small 'S' curve in Trail stop and go right 55 ft to Letterbox. Watch out for critters.

Canyon Loop Trail Letterbox

Note to Letterboxers-Recommend bringing binoculars, compass, water and snacks on this hike....
From Trailhead, hike clockwise on the Canyon Loop Trail passing the fourth bench. Walk approx. 300 ft. and enter the Coronado National Forest Wilderness. Follow trail South East passing a rocky outcrop on right. Snake your way through orchard size mesquite trees. At 'Y', continue South East to small rise in trail. At this point, before heading down, walk North West up rocky hill. Follow 'ducks' (groups of rock stacked indicating path to follow) to top of hill. Once you have reached the summit, look for a small mound of rocks. Find letterbox within! (Beware of desert critters) Enjoy the view. Once back on trail, continue in a Southerly direction taking you to the Canyon Loop trail once again and the Trailhead.

Dripping Springs Letterbox

(Falls may be dry most of the year)
From Trailhead go clockwise on the Canyon Loop Trail. At junction of the Sutherland Trail take the Sutherland Trail (approx. one mile) to the second bench. At this junction go East upon an unmarked trail. Cross a wash or seasonal creek and proceed on trail coming upon a Y. Proceed left and follow rocky, narrowing and single track trail to foot of falls. Facing falls and looking slightly right, find a good size Desert Spoon. Being careful not to slip and aware of critters, find letterbox on back side of Desert Spoon under small rock.

"Ali" Letterbox

From Romero Ruins parking area, cross roadway and wash. Take trail to right (not towards Romero Ruins). Follow widen trail leading to wooden steps. After hiking approx. a mile and a 1/2 or 30 minutes with the North Face of Table Mountain always in sight, come upon a trail division--stay to the left. A short distance you will drop down a narrow path to a small creek (if you are lucky, the creek will be flowing) with an excellent sandy beach. After a break and snack, back track to top of narrow path where a small feeder trail goes to the right. Follow this feeder trail which is well marked with 'ducks' for approx. 1/4 mile. Here you will see an open area marked by Ocotillos and a large Saguaro cactus seen when facing due South. Standing in direct line of the Saguaro and looking South towards Pusch Peak, find on ground a grouping of rocks with a 'treasured fallen Ocotillo cactus' laying near by. Find Letterbox within rocks. Watch for critters and enjoy the wonderful views.

Sutherland Gate Letterbox

From trailhead hike the Canyon Loop Trail clockwise till junction with the Sutherland Trail. Take the Sutherland Trail approx. 1.8 miles. Cross creek bed after passing through wire gate. Coming upon a large exposure of rock, continue North on trail for a mere 50' or so. Looking left find a large well formed Saguaro cactus. Find Letterbox at base of and behind Sahuaro. Be always cautious of critters!

Fifty Year Trail Letterbox

From the equestrian center, take the Fifty Year Trail approx. two and half miles to a metal cattle gate. Upon opening gate look left and find yellow 'Bearing Tree' marker nailed to trunk of mesquite. Please close gate upon entry back into Park. Being ever cautious of critters, find letterbox at base of tree...

Green Rock Letterbox

Hike the Canyon Loop Trail clockwise till coming upon a pair of benches. Continue on trail for approx. 100 feet to signage on left indicating Wilderness Entry. Take this link trail in Northerly direction towards a large green colored rock formation in the distance. Dropping down upon a steep and rocky trail, proceed towards Green Rock (1/2 mile at most). Make your way to a large Saguaro Cactus at the 'very' base of Green Rock. Find letterbox at base of Green Rock behind the Saguaro cactus and shrubbery under a pile rocks. Watch for critters!

Off The Beaten Path

Upon entering and paying access fee at Catalina State Park, proceed to Equine Center. Once at Equine Ctr, find start of 50 year trail at east end of trailhead. Hike approx. 1 mile and take a short rest at 'Circle'. Proceed North from 'Circle' for a liitle over a half mile. There will be a feeder trail to the right. Looking South see a beautiful Saguaro. Approach Saguaro and take a visible animal trail to the left. Hike open grassy field following 'ducks'. Continue NE passing over a rather small/dry rocky drainage. Proceed another 25 feet to a small Palo Verde tree where at the base you should find Letterbox