Pay It Forward  LbNA # 52151

Placed DateSep 28 2009
LocationPark View, IA
Planted ByIowaBeaver    
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Apr 29 2010
Hike Distance?

Go to scott County Park and find the Sac Fox Campground.

1. Walk past the sheltered fireplace.

2. Find a meadow to the north and go to the north west corner of the meadow

3. you will find a trail; follow the trail down to the creek.

4. Follow the creek to the confluence.

5. Hop the smaller stream, one hop should be enough.

6. Immediately turn right and follow the game trail up the bank and along the larger creek.

7. You will soon see another game trail intersecting with the one you are on. Take this and be sure you follow it between two large trees, one with a major limb broken.

8. Follow the new trail parallell to the smaller creek.

9. After crossing a dry creek, look to the right.

10. The cache/letterbox will be in the multi trunked tree.

11. Good Luck!