The Curious Case du Serpent du Teche  LbNA # 52161 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 6 2010
LocationNew Iberia, LA
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The Curious Case du Serpent du Teche

Help! The Serpent that formed the Bayou Teche has gone missing. Your help is desperately needed in capturing him before he cuts another bayou, breaks through the Mississippi River's levees, and wreaks havoc upon South Louisiana! He was last seen near the Bayou Teche historical marker in the New Iberia City Park. Start your search here: N 30 00.288" and W 091 48.746"
Now it's time for your very first clue.
Venture forth, downhill, towards the bayou.
Look low for "le serpent"; bear slightly right.
Don't worry- this serpent doesn't bite.
Eyes alert, think twice, be very wise.
Look for the tree that met its demise.
An uprooted trunk is all that remains.
'Neath it, far side, sheltered from rains,
hides "Le Serpent du Teche" in quiet repose.
Found it? Congrats! Finally, Case Closed!

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