BART Station #1  LbNA # 52165 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 7 2010
CountyContra Costa
LocationWalnut Creek, CA
Planted ByETKA    
Found By blues moon
Last Found Sep 18 2010
Hike Distance?

WARNING! BART stations #1-#5 are crappie stamps. I was new to carving and I was bad.
I've not replaced them because I think it's important for new letterboxers to know that it's ok to be new at this and ok to suck at first. We all get better!


We wanted to do a series that celebrates something unique about the Bay Area; and we also wanted some "rainy-day-car-trip-no-muddy-shoes" letterboxes. These are all easy to drive to, or, in fact, to BART to! We hope to add a box at every station in the Bay Area.


Find the island where the large blue Spruce tree grows, in the parking lot north of the parking garage.

Stand on the numbers 1874. Look NE toward the pine grove.

Enter the pine grove. Find the bush in front of tree #293.

Under the bush you will find the letterbox, buried beneath a rock, pinecones, and pine needles.