BART Station #3  LbNA # 52167 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 7 2010
CountyContra Costa
LocationConcord, CA
Planted ByETKA    
Found By blues moon
Last Found Jul 25 2010
Hike Distance?

WARNING! BART stations #1-#5 are crappie stamps. I was new to carving and I was bad.
I've not replaced them because I think it's important for new letterboxers to know that it's ok to be new at this and ok to suck at first. We all get better!


We wanted to do a series that celebrates something unique about the Bay Area; and we also wanted some "rainy-day-car-trip-no-muddy-shoes" letterboxes. These are all easy to drive to, or, in fact, to BART to! We hope to add a box at every station in the Bay Area.


Across from the parking lot there is an area with 20 white squares for resting.

In the middle, you will find a large olive tree. At the base of this tree is a sign which reads "Heritage Tree 11."

Search to the right of the sign, at the base of the tree. You'll notice lots of holes in the trunk - the one hiding the letterbox will be covered over with bark.

Please re-hide carefully.

Also be discreet; we noticed a security guard strolling around.