Mystic II  LbNA # 5220

Placed DateMay 29 2005
LocationParis, VA
Found By K&K
Last Found Mar 9 2009
Hike Distance?

~1.7 miles round trip.

1 pace = 2 steps

Directions To Sky Meadows:
Take 66 West exit 23, Rout 17 North. Seven miles north of I-66,. The park entrance is on State Route 710 on the left

This box is on the Snowden trail

*Take the wooden steps up past the Snowden interpretative trial sign.

*Past the “room for rent” sign.

*Find the “up stairs apartment” sign.

*count 23 paces past the sign

*On the left is a dead tree with lots of holes in it (this tree has now on the ground.

* Stop.

*Take 6 steps to the left

*Box is hidden under a rock under the fallen by a rock.

*Please hide Box really well.