Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Grand Geneva  LbNA # 52212

Placed DateFeb 15 2010
LocationLake Geneva, WI
Found By The Christmas Elves
Last Found Jul 31 2016
Hike Distance?

Way back when during the 1960’s a guy named Hugh bought two farms and turned them into a really fancy resort. He built a hotel, a couple golf courses, a ski hill, and an airport. Wildlife was found all over the property. Many many famous people visited Hugh at his resort.

A new family took over in the 90’s, updated the place, renamed it the Grand Geneva Resort, and turned it back into a wonderful resort. Wildlife still is found all over the 1300 acres, but generally it is now on four legs. However, the occasional Playboy bunny still goes hoppin’ on by.

One of the additions made is the White River Walking Trails, found in the woods by the White River Villas. These White River Villas are some of the oldest timeshare condos in the state of Wisconsin, built when Hugh still ran the place. They are named after the White River, the only outlet from Geneva Lake.

Your trek starts at the main lodge for the Grand Geneva, where y’all will want to stop to get directions to the White River Walking Trails. Once you are on the trail, wander in a ways until you get to the first set of blue and red arrow signs. You will want to follow the arrows as they point to the right, and wander on down the trail for another hundred feet or so. On the left side of the trail there is a fairly large tree, and right next to it another fairly large tree or what used to be a fairly large tree, but now most of it is lying on the ground. There is still a large chunk of the tree sticking up in the air. See what y’all can find in there.

There isn’t a lot of traffic on these trails, but still be careful when looking for the letter box. Once y’all are done, feel free to continue on the path. It loops around and brings y’all back to the trail head. There are actually two loops; one is ½ mile and the other is ¾ mile. Add in the walk to the trail head from the Main Lodge and it brings your total walk to somewhere around a mile or so.