Where my Ninjas at?  LbNA # 52219

Placed DateFeb 16 2010
LocationAsheboro, NC
Found By turtlelove
Last Found Jan 2 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located at the Kiwanis Park in Asheboro, NC. Itís a quaint little ballpark just inside city limits. On many cool evenings in the spring and summer you might hear the sounds of a little league baseball game. All the rest of the time, itís a quiet place frequented by dog walkers, power walkers, and joggers.
If youíre coming from 220, take the Fayetteville St. exit. Turn South onto Fayetteville St. then left onto Allred St. Take your first Right turn on Meadowbrook Rd. Kiwanis Park will be on your Left (be careful not to miss it)!
If youíre coming from 64, turn down Cox St., which is opposite Zoo Parkway. Stay on Cox until it ends, then turn Right onto Prichard St. Meadowbrook will be your first Left and Kiwanis will be on your Right.

Letterbox, when this whole hobby originated in England, was a synonym of mailbox (According to Wikipedia, so who knows if thatís actually trueÖ). Itís a shame most letterboxes are thought to be bags of trash by the untrained eye! And that is your first clue. Find a parking spot and look to the South, youíll notice a set of concrete stairs going through the bleachers. Keep to the right and watch out for mud that is usually prevalent! Hug the tree line and cross the small stream by whatever way seems best to you (not that big of a deal). Donít be scared to take the hill head-on, your prize is at the very top. If you scan the area, youíll find there are many fallen trees around; only one holds the prize. The tree at the crest of the small hill hides the hunted treasure in its uprooted base. Happy hunting!

Please be neat and tidy as you trade stamps. If youíre attempting this letterbox in the summer months, please be wary of all sorts of biting and stinging crittersó Donít stick your hand down a dark hole unless youíre sure itís a letterbox youíre reaching for, and not a snake!