El Paso's Ballad  LbNA # 52234

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateFeb 14 2010
CountyEl Paso
LocationEl Paso, TX
Found By *hibiscuschick*
Last Found Sep 12 2013
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"Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl..."

As the story goes. . . In the Wild West town of El Paso, a cowboy fell in love with a Mexican girl at Rosa’s Cantina dancing. When another man made advances on her, the cowboy challenged him, and ended up shooting him. The cowboy was afraid of being killed, himself, for what he had done, so he escaped to the badlands of New Mexico.

A yearning for his young love, later drove him to return to El Paso in the face of almost certain death. He was able to hide out in a park on the east side. Leaving his horse at the aquatic building, he dashed on back across the grass to the trees along the ball field. He could see a tall metal tower in the distance, and went toward it, in hopes of somehow getting word to his sweetheart that he is back for her. By creeping behind each tree along the way, he made it all the way back to the chain-link fence. There was a tree growing through the fence. When he was sure the searching posse wasn’t looking, he ran to this tree, and jumped about 4 feet up from the ground, squeezing through the fence, and landing on a small “shelf” formed by a cut-off portion of the tree. He is hiding in a tiny tan-colored pouch, covered with debris, without a log book. He needs to be very secretive, and begs you not to tell anyone but his dear love where he is.

Please zip all bags, be discreet, and rehide well with debris. 0.5 mi. round-trip

Meanwhile, on the west side of El Paso, at Rosa’s Cantina, the young maiden, Felina can still be found whirling to music. Go there to find her and write only to her in the logbook about the cowboy who waits. The bartender will know where to find her.