FCR's---Don't Bug Me  LbNA # 52245 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFish's Card Room    
Placed DateFeb 18 2010
LocationLakeland, FL
Found By Trail Hiker
Last Found Nov 11 2011
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FCR's---Don't Bug Me

As the headwaters of four of Central Florida’s largest rivers, – the Hillsborough, the Withlacoochee, the Ocklawaha, and the Peace – the Green Swamp is one of Central Florida’s most crucial natural resources. Despite the name, however, most of it is not underwater. Instead, it’s a mosaic of cypress domes amid pine flat-woods, sand hills, and scrub, a recharge area for the Florida Aquifer covering over 860 square miles to the north of Lakeland.

Explore the edge of the Green Swamp along a set of easy trails just north of Lakeland. From I-4 exit 32 in Lakeland, drive 6.8 miles north on US 98 to a park entrance on the right. The park is open until dusk.
Before you begin, we would ask you to PLEASE rehide these boxes with extreme care. We have placed other boxes in this park in the past only to have four come up missing after a couple of finds. Thank you.

• Start at the “To All Trails” sign.
• Follow trail East.
• Turn right at the intersection that has two benches.
• Look for a downed pine on your right.
• Standing at the root end, look for a group of three charred pine trunks---one of the three is a crooked stub.
• Find “Willy Worm” between them.

• Back on the path, heading South.
• Seek the 0.2 mile marker.
• Find the big tree on the left approximately 15 feet off the path.
• Look in base for “My Favorite Ant”.

• Back on the path---moving on.
• Pass an unpaved trail on the right.
• Pass another unpaved trail on the right.
• At the third unpaved trail on your right---stop.
• Take eleven steps at 320 degrees.
• At the base of a three trunk group you will find “Dragon Fly”.

• Back on the path---moving on.
• Pass an unpaved trail on the right.
• Find the 0.4 mile marker on your left.
• Seek the approximate five foot stump at 270 degrees.
• Find the “Eensie Weensie Spider”.

• Back on the path---moving on.
• Find the bench on your right.
• Go 50 steps.
• See the fallen, decomposing pine on your left.
• Search the stump area for “Honey Humper”.

• Back on the path---moving on.
• Pass over a culvert.
• From this culvert, go 38 steps.
• At 355 degrees, seek the uprooted stump.
• Find “Lady Bug”.