Palmetto Piñata  LbNA # 52286

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateMar 6 2010
LocationOttine, TX
Found ByCorazon
Last UpdateDec 30 2011


Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 400 yards RT)
Status: alive

This minibox was placed for the 7th TX Annual LB Event (TALE7) held on 3/6/10, which had the theme of Tex-Mex.

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In what country did Marco Polo first discover the piņata?
Clue 1

In what country were clay pots used as piņatas?
Clue 2

The original piņata was shaped like a what?
Clue 3

What do the bright colors symbolize?
Clue 4

What does the blindfold represent?
Clue 5