Old Church Days  LbNA # 52290 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 26 2010
LocationSanibel, FL
Planted Byhomeschool adventurers    
Found By katxxkatie
Last Found Jun 30 2011
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Sanibel Island! We hope you are able to not only look for letterboxes, but also spend some time at the beautiful beaches of Sanibel. As for our clues, here goes...After crossing the causeway, turn right on the purple colored street, then make another right into a shopping area that is named after a mouse that is chased by a cartoon cat that is named Tom (pull into the 2nd entrance of this shopping area). Park to the far left, walk to the most northern parking spot on the far left (before the parking garage). Face the church, take 8 steps in the grass towards the church, look to your right, you should find Old Church Days in the biggest tree (approximately 12 steps away). It may be buried within leaves, so look carefully. Have fun!

If you have the time, you will find some great shops within this shopping area, also if your stay includes a Sunday morning, the services at Sanibel Community Church are great!