Butterfly Garden Letterbox  LbNA # 52317

OwnerDr. Net    
Placed DateFeb 15 2010
LocationWestminster, CO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Peacegirl78 and DrNet planted this letterbox as our first planting together, after chasing down many other front range letterboxes for the last 8 months. Peacegirl78 has a thing about butterflies – they are to her a powerful symbol of life and hope rising from death. Since the pavilion dedicated to these beautiful creatures is located near an Armed Forces Tribute Garden, we thought it would be appropriate to plant this letterbox nearby.

Flutter your way by the pavilion easterly along 104th and take the first left turn and park in any appropriate place.

Head in a Westin direction past a red/white striped sign. Take the first left and cross a foot bridge. As the path approaches the underpass of 104th, look for a warning sign then start counting cracks you pass over in the sidewalk. After you’ve crossed the lucky one, stop and look down and left into the sloping rock hill. Imagine a line in front of you passing through 3 pink colored rocks. Follow that line to the “cocoon”, which is SPOR about 5 feet from the top edge of the rock field.

Be discreet – this path is a major bike/hike trail.